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National Climate Change Adaptation Plan (NAP) for Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique (2017)

Grenada’s NAP is a 5 year plan (2017-2021) with different multi-sectoral programmes of action. It is an umbrella document, based mainly on prioritised climate change adaptation activities taken from existing sectoral and local area plans that were already developed through larger consultative processes in the past months and years. The NAP is a living document which will be updated and revised regularly to provide strategic and programmatic guidance for Grenada’s adaptation process. The NAP vision is: A resilient nation that continuously adapts to climate change by reducing its vulnerability through comprehensive adaptation strategies. The NAP consists of 12 programmes of action with 14 the corresponding goals, and 20 indicators. The goals of this NAP are in line with the UNFCCC guidelines and follow on from Grenada’s national strategic development targets. They also support CARICOM’s Climate Change Implementation Plan (2011-2021) ;are in line with Grenada’s Climate Change Policy and with Grenada’s National Determined Contributions (NDCs). The total estimated budget is USD260 million dollars.



Area of interest: Grenada 

Year: 2017

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